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Fixing Keypad Problems on Xyron Personal Cutting System


Carolyn at RainyDayMagazine says, “We were having problems with the keypad of our Xyron Personal Cutting System. It finally stopped working all together….which meant it gave us an excuse to open it up :-) The fix turned out to be pretty simple.Link.

4 thoughts on “Fixing Keypad Problems on Xyron Personal Cutting System

  1. hi,
    i need to know abt the Hardware connection part and its components used for a project called ‘Acess Control Keypad using Arduino Board’. It provides the security lock on the door
    and can access it by entering the 4-digit code through the keypad provided and the Lcd is also connected to view the code.

    I have an Arduino Duemilanove board, 4X4 keypad and lcd display(BTHQ21605VSS SMN LED-white) and Arduino IDE software installed on my pc. do i need any thing else for this project..?

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