The MAKE store just added a couple fun items —

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MiniPOV v2 Kit – Inexpensive Persistence of Vision
A second generation of original MiniPOV, Adafruit Industries upgraded this toy to make it easier for people to build: no microcontroller-programming device is needed, and the source code is in C not assembly. And it includes high quality PCBs and LEDs. The MiniPOV v2 project was designed as an ideal starting place for anyone who wants to: learn how to solder; learn how to assemble simple kits; learn how to program microcontrollers; and make blinky stuff. – Link.

TV-B-Gone by Cornfield Electronics
Your TV-B-Gone universal remote control fits in your pocket only has a power button that allows you to switch a TV on or off. It fits in your pocket, so that you have it handy whenever you need it wherever you go: Bars (Zap), restaurants (Zap), Laundromats (Zap, Zaaap), etc. Our MAKE team has a few clever mods we’ll posting to make super-duper TV-B-Gones, so pick one up and get ready! – Link.

Visit the MAKE store – Link.

8 thoughts on “2 fun new things in the MAKE: Store

  1. oracle, i havent bought/tried anything from “quality china goods” have you? how was their service? what was the range? can you mod it?

  2. Phil, the person who runs quality china goods, Dae, is very active in the site. That site has a lot of positive reviews of the site and its products. Shipping is generally very fast considering it comes from China and is so cheap.

    I actually discovered CPF through the make blog, it’s been mentioned here a few times. CPF is a great maker community, they’re flashlight enthusiasts who do a lot of mods and custom builds.

    I haven’t really tested the range, but it’s about what you’d expect from a cheap universal remote at Target. I don’t think it can be modded. Can the TV-B-Gone? Modding is a fairly broad term, I’m sure you could could use it as the basis of a stuffed bear remote or something like that.

  3. oracle – ok, ive never ordered anything from them – but i will once im in one spot, id like try their ir remote.

    as far as mods go, make is working with the inventor of the tv-b-gone, so we’ll add super powered leds to battery boosters….

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