Welding resources

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A MAKE commenter added some more resources for welding – “Definitely check out the Crucible in oakland. Better yet, just pick up a book and buy a cheap $100 mig/tig welder from harbor freight or homedepot and try it yourself. Just be sure to wear proper eye and skin protection. You can also check out http://www.MetalWorkingFAQ.NET and http://www.weldingresource.com on the various welding and fabricating techniques. Don’t use bed frames for practice – the metal is of such poor quality you’ll most likely be frustrated from the get-go.”Link.

Primer: Welding – If you need metal stuck together, there is no quicker path than buying a portable 110-volt wire-feed welder. Mr. Jalopy’s introduction to welding will help you understand the process and show how you can be a welder by the end of the weekend–and end up with a couple of jigs for the effort. MAKE 03 – Page 158 (log in now and start welding).


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