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Cooking… with your car

Trebuchet03 writes “Using some waste heat in from your engine bay to cook a meal on your way home. After I showed this to a few people, I found out that there is a book called “Manifold Destiny” on this very subject. I have not read it yet, but I’m told that there are quite a few recipe’s with locations and times (miles).”Link.

6 thoughts on “Cooking… with your car

  1. its called a car-b-que. Serious. Well that’s what my family always called it.

    My father used to work for the railroad as a conductor and he used to put his meals somewhere in the engine compartment so that his food “heated perfectly evenly and over the perfect amount of time.”

    He never ate a cold meal on the job.

  2. Car-b-que….nice. I’ll have to tell that to my Uncle Ed. He’s been cooking with his work trucks for probably 30 years now. Nothing that fancy though, mostly canned chili and soup. Oh and raviolis…he loves canned raviolis. He pops a tiny little hole in the top of the can before placing it on his exhaust manifold. He has had a couple explode inside his engine compartment, no permanant damage to the truck but man that stinks for a while.

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