HOW TO – Build your own diving helmet

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Modern Mechanix 1933 – “First, select a big tin can about 10 inches in diameter and 13 or 14 inches deep. Ask your grocer for a cookie can. Cut a hole in one side about 5 inches square and by means of tin channels soldered around this opening, set in a plate glass window, making it watertight by shifting around it with cotton dipped in thick shellac.”Link.

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  1. Would probably work, but they neglected to mention some pretty important things – notably, if you DO flood the helmet and have to swim up, you’d need to exhale continuously. Just like on SCUBA, you are breating compressed air, and if you take a full breath of compressed air at a depth as little as a few feet and hold it, and then ascend, your lungs overexpand and can literally burst.

    Scuba gear is pretty cheap these days….

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