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Homemade branding iron…

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MAKE Flickr photo pool member Mleak made homemade human branding irons, she couldn’t find someone to test them on, so branded some paper – Link.

18 thoughts on “Homemade branding iron…

  1. No offense to a Maker, but those aren’t actually suitable for marking living flesh…there’s too much closely confined surface area, which means excessive concentration of heat and ensuing loss of definition in the image. The physiological ramifications include large scale damage to nerves, muscles and blod vessels.

    Not the intended effect.

    Brands are made with very thin burn lines, which then scarify and expand during the healing process.

    I have a 13 strike brand on my left shoulder done by Damon Rowanchild in Toronto about 15 years ago…it’s a very carthartic experience if performed by a knowledgable practitioner.

  2. Hi, kaden, thanks for the comment. I appreciate the information, though fortunately I’m not *really* intending to use these on flesh. They obviously don’t follow regulations. It was really more about the object and the idea. Sorry to the previous commenter.

  3. I’m sure there’s plent of Apple fans who would get an Apple logo brand. Hell, I may have a few years ago back in my fan boy days.

  4. Kaden,

    Does Damon Rowanchild in Toronto still peform branding? How can I contact you about this? This is important to me, I hope you get this message.

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