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Line following Roomba mod

CrackerBen has a clever mod to make a Roomba into a line following bot, he writes – “The other day I was marveling at the efficient operation of my roomba when it occurred to me that it would be really nice if roomba would get me a beer. While gestating the idea my first thought was to have roomba follow a line to the fridge and back. And a short while after that I realized that roomba already had 4 downward facing optical sensors AKA the cliff sensors. I decided to hack them up and make them sense light/dark lines instead of cliff/no cliff. I haven’t actually made the roomba get me a beer yet, I’m thinking of using a PIC to interface the roomba serially, and a 4066 switch IC to change between normal and beer retrival modes. Anyway I’ve shown here how to hack up your sensors as a first step. Enjoy!” – Thanks Mike! [via] – Link.

Tons of Roomba hacks, mods, projects and more – Link.


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