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DIY rail based linear dolly

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Momopole writes “Here’s a DIY rail based linear dolly for still and video cameras which mounts on tripod stands. The required parts are under $100 and consist of angle iron and laundry pulleys. “Link (Click the camera dolly PDF).

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  1. Yeah! We’ll have to take back the Canadarm, basketball and the hydrofoil, if this happens next year.

  2. Today it isn’t just the birthday of America, it’s the birthday of someone who should be near and dear to all Makers, Rube Goldberg. I have a brief post about him today on my blog. Happy birthday Rube!

  3. As always, they made a mistake regarding science. An ion beam is NOT a microscopic version of a laser. It is a beam of ions that eats away metal in certain places during fabrication of microchips.


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