HOW TO – Make a homemade Power Squid

Daniel writes – “Here’s a homemade version of the Power Squid, a variation on a power strip. Instead of plugging your cords into a strip, you get power by plugging into little extension cord outlets that look a little like tentacles. In a regular power strip, big transformers block nearby outlets. In the Power Squid, the outlets aren’t blocked because they can just dangle out of the way. Plus it looks kind of cool, and has a really neat sounding name.”Link.

HOW TO make your own “PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier” – Link.

10 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make a homemade Power Squid

  1. I know this is a forum for creativity and resourcefulness, but isn’t this potentially dangerous and illegal? I can’t imagine a homemade power strip is withing many electrical codes, anyone an electrician and familiar with codes?

    Anyways, one stray wire and you could burn your house down, yowsa.

  2. You know how no one ever actually reads the little label hanging off of extension cables? I read one once and it said (basically) that using the cable is dangerous and you shouldn’t do it.

  3. This is a total waste of cords. The large, plug-in transformers are nearly always ungrounded. Just buy a few cheap extension cords (and shorten them if you like) and use in conjuction with a normal power strip. Much cheaper and more elegant than this mess.

  4. I hope I’m not double posting. You can shorten a regular extension cord or two, and then use in conjunction with a regular power strip. Much cheaper, better, prettier, power surge-protected, easier.

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