Fermenting waste fruit to fuel ethanol

Emka writes – “In a series of articles Garth Cambray describes a DIY process for brewing fuel tank ready ethanol, a sustainable renewable fuel exciting the interest of sugar producers in Kenya and beyond.”Link.

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  1. Certainly this is do-able. Something you probably won’t find mentioned, however, is that it costs more energy to dry a liter of crude ethanol to the point that it will burn than is produced from burning the resulting refined ethanol. So you lose energy in the process of refining and burning ethanol. That’s not necessarily the death-knell for the technology, of course. There’s lots of energy in the universe, after all; it’s having it in the right form at the right time that counts.

  2. It’s probably worth mentioning that distilling your own alcohol, no matter how small the amount, is illegal in the United States, unless you have a permit from the BATF. The permitting process is more oriented toward doing this on farms, so don’t expect to do this in the laundry room of your apartment.

    It’s also worth noting that any retailer in the US that sells stills is required by law to surrender the names and addresses of all of their customers to the BATF without a warrant.

    The good news is that there is a tax credit break if you make and use your own ethanol as fuel. Once again, this is mostly for farmers. But it slightly offsets the cost a bit, which could justify that it takes more energy to make ethanol than it produces.

  3. I am a fruit juice manufacturer interested in converting my solid waste (stones,peel,pulp)into other products or sell it to who may be interested in. I have a huge amount of citrus, pomegranade, apple, peach and apricot waste. I am ready for investment as long as it is feasible and would be interested in an offer. Or else’ could you put me in contact with a company that would be intereste in? Or else would you know anyone who would want to buy my waste as raw material? Thanking you in advance…
    Zeynep Katnas

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