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Some Maker constructed a land walker robot suit in Japan, there’s really nothing left to say… [via] – Link.

18 thoughts on “Land walker robot suit

  1. Yeah, this thing is old news and not that impressive.

    I mean nice build and all, but it doesn’t exactly have walker functionality. This thing would trip over stuff a wheeled vehicle could drive over.

  2. What more do you guys want? It’s a freaking GIANT ROBOT from JAPAN. Pah, this guy can’t be bothered with trifles like “functionality”, he’s to busy being AWESOME.

  3. It’s already begun.
    Laugh at me now, but mark my words; The Japanese are in a silent arms race to develop giant robots.
    When Japanese giant robots (giant, like power rangers zord giant) start effortlessly demolishing buildings, you’ll realize the irony that they figured out a non-nuclear alternative to levlleling a city. And they won’t hesitate to snub that in America’s face.

  4. Think about it, this is a PROTOTYPE. In 15 to 20 years, a military production version could probably dance on a dime while gunning down an infantry division. Now if it could transform like an Autobot, that would be cool. It could go from a rolling tank to a walking mech!

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