MP3 player board, OS ARM programmer and rubber buttons

Spark Fun dropped some new electronics – I really want to make a DIY MP3 player with the new board….

A ready to go VS1002 MP3 decoder board. Includes SD socket, battery holder, voltage regulation, and audio jacks. Add your choice of controllers and you’ve got a configurable MP3 player! – Link.

A new beefy ARM programmer is here. Based on opensource code and hardware, the ARM-USB-OCD will support many new ICs – Link.

The button pads are here! This is an opaque silicon rubber button pad with 4 buttons orignally inspired by the folks at Now all we need is huge PCB to play the worlds largest game of life – Link.

More @ Spark Fun electronics – Link.

14 thoughts on “$39 MP3 player board, OS ARM programmer and rubber buttons

  1. Interesting stuff!

    Personally I’d like to work on a mp3 player which can tune into internet radio streams without using a computer. (i.e. like the Squeezebox devices)

    Anyone with some suggestions into that particular direction? Would it be much harder than, for example, a DIY mp4 player which uses a memory card?

  2. I stream internet radio/network MP3s with a couple of different devices.

    Hacked XBOX. I run XBOX Media Center on both of mine. Probably overkill, but you can get a modchip and xbox for around $120 total these days. And you can stream a whole lot more than just music.

    Omnifi DMS1. About $45 shipped with wifi adapter (ebay prices). Not much hacking involved here, but cheaper than a squeezebox.


  3. From reading the spark fun’s website I can’t tell what kind of controllers can be connected to the MP3 player. I’d like to wire up something for my blind Dad.

  4. It says that the MP3 board is controlled by the “UEXT connector”, but it sure would be great if the “UEXT connector” was better documented. I can’t figure out what it is!

    Until then, yeah best to purchase a cheap MP3 player and hook FETs or relays to the switches.

    Here is a $5 MP3 player/USB drive from MPJA. This is currently powering my Neurotic Santa.

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