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DVD duplicator… and a destroyer

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For $699 this drive can duplicate 6 full DVDs per hour or 12 full CDs per hour with a 25 disc capacity and has a cool little robo arm that does most of the work [via] – Link. I’ve seen a few DIY versions (and we’ll likely see more) – but it’s not a bad tool to bookmark if you ever need to do a lot of duplication and have a little budget (good for making custom Linux live CDs). Comes with software called “Riptastic”…

But, if erasing data is your thing, the Plexeraser can erase a DVD or CD in 6 minutes – Link. A little odd, “PlexEraser” was a utility on some Plextor drives, now it’s a stand alone device… a hammer or microwave might be cheaper/faster.

12 thoughts on “DVD duplicator… and a destroyer

  1. Yep, whacking them with a hammer would be the cheapest and – in my opinion – the best way to destroy old discs. Freezing the discs for a few hours before hand makes them very brittle so they shatter better.

  2. Shattered CDs can be reconstructed. You can get shredders that shave off the data part of the CD at places like Radio Shack

  3. You could also get a used Bravo II DVD duplicator and printer for $1200-1400 on ebay…being able to burn and print without messing with it is priceless.

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