HOW TO – Make a card counter device

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Our pals at Design News has a great card counter electronics project you can build (PDF has the step by step and source code) – “Take down the house with this gadget. William’s handheld controller provides the display of a monitored process deviation — but after hours it doubles as a card counter. (In either case, the algorithm is identical.) It works by adding or subtracting manually-entered “event” counts to a common 8-bit counter register. The value is subtracted from a predefined mean to generate the error or variation around the mean. This error “index” selects a display state sequence, continuously scheduled in an LED display.”Link.

8 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make a card counter device

  1. For this to work in a casino, you’d need some non-visual method transmitting the count, like an electric shock or pin-prick. So the plans are only half-complete.

    This sparked an idea, though, and I wonder if anyone has tried it:

    Use chisenbop with your toes!

    (Given enough practice, this would become just another way of visualizing the information to keep count in your head. Using the toes would only make counting much easier for beginners. It’s a concrete training method for linking numbers to images–compressing information and making calculation faster/easier.)

  2. at any rate, chances are you’d get caught counting and ejected – or hammered :) Or maybe I’ve caught too many “Beating Vegas” specials about the MIT team on History channel ;0P

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