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Converting DVDs to watch on iPods, phones, PSPs, etc…

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You buy a CD pop it in iTunes, or whatever other program and create MP3s for your phone, iPod, music player – you buy a DVD and you pop it in iTunes and nothing happens, you can’t rip it to a video iPod, WindowsMedia doesn’t rip/record it either – no problem, convert them with (mostly) free software like instant Handbrake (Mac) or Nero and DVD Decrypter (Win)… Out of all the things folks email and ask about, converting their DVD collection to take with them on the go is usually one of the most asked – once and awhile the legally of doing this for personal use comes up – if you own your DVD this seems reasonable to put them on portable devices, just like CDs right? Some big retailers like Circuit City think so too (pictured here from Consumerist) they’re even offering it as a service, $10 a DVD – Link.

8 thoughts on “Converting DVDs to watch on iPods, phones, PSPs, etc…

  1. “once and awhile the questionably legally of doing this for personal use comes up”

    I think he meant, “once in a while”

    …and I can only assume it must have been a late night when someone writes about “the questionably legally of doing this”

  2. If you want to make DVD’s (or other video’s) into a compatible format, try DVD Catalyst

    It lists iPod’s, among others, under the hardware compatibility section. I use it to run video’s on a Jornada 720 from waaaayyy back and it works great (for 1990’s technology).

    It costs like $20, but is virtuall hassle free.

    Note the .ca suffix. Canada is cool if you want to back up your stuff, eh.

  3. PocketDVD FTW!!! Seriously though, who would pay $10 to make a very low quality rip, playable on only one device, of a movie that they were already honest enough to pay for?

    The MPAA is going to DRM itself out of existence.

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