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One million pennies

I always wondered what one million pennies would look like in person and what would be a way to contain them all – “This clear lucite case about the size of a refrigerator holds one million pennies and is currently stored at the Jewish Community Center as part of a Holocaust memorial project.” [via] – Link.

Two Hundred Bill A
…And here’s a site that has what millions, tens of millions and what billions of pennies would look like (pictured here, all the pennies in circulation, around 140 billion) – Link.

10 thoughts on “One million pennies

  1. wow, one jew must’ve emptied his pockets of change he’d picked up…

    c’mon, you know someone had to do a jewish joke

  2. we did a thing like this in junior high school. We strung up 1 million Fruit Loops; something about every Fruit Loop represented a Jew who died in the Holocaust. Just to give a people a visual of how many people that actually is.

  3. mister.joshua /sonicreducer —

    ever try to teach anyone what 11 million looks like? what about teaching kids? it’s a number that doesn’t mean a lot unless you show it. there is a documentary called paperclips ( where a small town collected paperclips to visualize just how many people were murdered in the holocaust.


    Whitwell, TN is a small, rural community of less than two thousand people nestled in the mountains of Tennessee. Its citizens are almost exclusively white and Christian. In 1998, the children of Whitwell Middle School took on an inspiring project, launched out of their principal’s desire to help her students open their eyes to the diversity of the world beyond their insulated valley. What happened would change the students, their teachers, their families and the entire town forever… and eventually open hearts and minds around the world.

    PAPER CLIPS is the moving and inspiring documentary film that captures how these students responded to lessons about the Holocaust-with a promise to honor every lost soul by collecting one paper clip for each individual exterminated by the Nazis. Despite the fact that they had previously been unaware of and unfamiliar with the Holocaust, their dedication was absolute. Their plan was simple but profound. The amazing result, a memorial railcar filled with 11 million paper clips (representing 6 million Jews and 5 million gypsies, homosexuals and other victims of the Holocaust) which stands permanently in their schoolyard, is an unforgettable lesson of how a committed group of children and educators can change the world one classroom at a time.

    PAPER CLIPS, presented by One Clip At A Time HMA, is a production of The Johnson Group, in association with Miramax Films and Ergo Entertainment. It was named one of the top films of 2004 (documentary) by the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, has been acclaimed by critics as “Oscar caliber” (Joel Siegel, Good Morning America), and has received audience and jury awards at film festivals across the country.

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