Make a touch screen slotmachine & blackjack machine for your car


Jeez, Max is on a roll, again, this time making a touch screen blackjack machine for a boring start and stop commute – “Okay today I was thinking and figured, why don’t I just put a touch-screen slotmachine in my car? I am stuck in traffic 2 hours a day. So that’s 2 x 5 days x 12 months = 120 hours a year. “I can gamble while I am waiting at the stop light,” I figured. So you are thinking, “Doesn’t this guy have something better to do?” Actually, this is the best thing I can think of right now of doing… The CuTOUCH runs on 9 to 24DC power so I figured I just needed to provide 12V from the cigarette lighter plug. Well since I just got a new LG cholcolate phone, I decided it was time to junk my Motorola V3 Car adaptor and put it to some good use.”Link.

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  1. it would be 2 hr X 5 days/week X 52 weeks/year = 520 hrs/year, now if you take vacation for 2 weeks subtract 20 hrs, making 500hrs a yr. Some would say that could be a gambling problem, then again, some people can’t keep there noses out of other peoples business and should be punched back.

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