Get your PIC on – free PIC programming resources

Steve writes – “The following books, available for free in HTML!

  • BASIC for PIC MicroControllers
  • Introduction to Industrial PLC Controllers
  • PIC Microcontrollers, 3rd Edition
  • Architecture and Programming of 8501 MCUs
  • Components and Electronic Devices
  • Radio Receivers” [via] – Link.


  • Programming PIC microcontrollers in BASIC – Link.
  • PIC microcontrollers – a beginner’s guide – Link.

8 thoughts on “Get your PIC on – free PIC programming resources

  1. I looked at the specs for this when I first saw it earlier this week. Pretty impressive and complete. This is a very affordable turnkey system to learn microcontroller techniques.

    It certainly brought back some memories about one of my first computers. Back in the day, my KIM-1 was pretty slick, and taught me the basics of bare-metal, bare-knuckle coding. Back then, we didn’t have C or BASIC to code with! All I had was the 7-seg LED output and the keypad. Instruction-load-data-load (repeat as necessary).

    Man, I am _so_ tempted to get this, but I have enough little computers kicking around to play with. I really ought to blow the dust off my 2nd gen LEGO programmable brick.

  2. i want that EasyPIC3 so bad, i’m going to get it once i get into PIC programming in colege. it sucks but i have to restart @ DC Fundamentals and have to go step by step until i get to the level i’m at in real life.

  3. Sonic, you’ll love having that board when you get to sequential circuits. There were some assignments I had that took 20+ hours to do at the gate level and I reproduced in 20 minutes with a micro and demo’d both when I had to show them to the TA.

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