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We’ve had a few shopping cart related projects and articles on MAKE, from a “shopper chopper” to making furniture from them, this new book The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification looks like a modern day bird watchers guide, urbanized for spotting shopping carts in the various habitats – “In The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America author Julian Montague has created an elaborate classification system of abandoned shopping carts, accompanied by photographic documentation of actual stray cart sightings. These sightings include bucolically littered locations such as the Niagara River Gorge (where many a cart has been pushed to its untimely death) and mundane settings that look suspiciously like a suburb near you.

Working in the naturalist’s tradition, the photographs depict the diversity of the phenomenon and carry a surprising emotional charge; readers inevitably begin to see these carts as human, at times poignant in their abandoned, decrepit state, hilariously incapacitated, or ingeniously co-opted. The result is at once rigorous and absurd, enabling the layperson to identify and classify their own cart spottings based on the situation in which they were found.” [via] – Link.


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A few specimens from MAKE!

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Shopping Cart Chair. Turn a shopping cart into a comfortable and stylish wheelchair. Read this article in MAKE 07.

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Made on Earth. Reports from the world of backyard technology, including a shopping cart go-kart, the “Solar Death Ray,” a demolished house sculpture, a gas tank bass instrument, and some seriously big speakers. MAKE 03.