Making Daguerreotype photographs the old fashioned way

Curious about Daguerreotype photos? I was. Jonathan takes you on a tour on what goes in to this old and fantastic photographic art – “The Daguerreotype was the first patented photographic process. Patented by Daguerre in 1839 after ripping off substantial portions of the technology from Joseph-Nicephore Niepce in the 1820s and 1830s, the Daguerreotype was heralded at the time as an amazing invention. The Daguerreotype remained popular for only a short time (25 years or so at the most) because it was (and remains) expensive, irreproducible, and tricky to make in the first place. Why did a technology that had so much going against it stick around for so long? Daguerreotypes are beautiful in the way that diamonds are beautiful. Precious and rare is the Daguerreotype. Silver + iodine + light + UV = photograph.”Link.

Daguerreotype photographs – Link.
Imaging archives – Link.


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