Weekend Projects: DIY T-shirt Designs

This week, I’ve put together an instructional pdf for three different ways to make t-shirt designs.


Download it, or subscribe in itunes and have it downloaded automatically!


This is what my bunny-vader t-shirt design looked like before rinsing and after!


I really want to see the shirts that you design! Make sure if you make your own t-shirt designs that you upload them to the flickr craft pool!

12 thoughts on “Weekend Projects: DIY T-shirt Designs

  1. cybrbanana says:

    iron-on velvet flocking rules!

    precut letters
    cut out your own shapes with velvet flocking sheets

  2. eepiphanies says:

    Another way to do this is with bleach gel pens, they’re a little messy but I’m sure there’s a way to control it. I’ve done some stuff on clothing with them and it comes out quite cool.

  3. lpatross@yahoo.com says:

    I know, I love the velvet flocking. Definitly check out Spreadshirt.com – they let you make all sorts of t-shirts and they have the flocking in tons of colors. their blog is funny too http://blog.spreadshirt.com

  4. JonWolf says:

    GoodStorm.com lets you put your designs on t-shirts. High-quality digital printing on heavyweight t-shirts at the lowest base prices. Setup your own online store, or try out the new holiday t-shirt creator. All you need is a good idea. Enjoy!

  5. makoshark2020 says:

    I’ve heard about that t-shirt ecard on http://tcritic.com/ cool concept.

  6. heraldicaclothing says:

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    Thank you,

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