Weekend Projects: DIY T-shirt Designs

This week, I’ve put together an instructional pdf for three different ways to make t-shirt designs.


Download it, or subscribe in itunes and have it downloaded automatically!


This is what my bunny-vader t-shirt design looked like before rinsing and after!


I really want to see the shirts that you design! Make sure if you make your own t-shirt designs that you upload them to the flickr craft pool!

12 thoughts on “Weekend Projects: DIY T-shirt Designs

  1. Another way to do this is with bleach gel pens, they’re a little messy but I’m sure there’s a way to control it. I’ve done some stuff on clothing with them and it comes out quite cool.

  2. Hello Everyone, I’m trying to get info on where to buy good quality shirts, I’m trying to make my own business and I’m getting all the info I can, compare prices, etc. I’m also interested in expos in the California Area, so I can learn more about screen printing and Networking as well. any info is well aprecciate it.

    Thank you,

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