DIY LED Typography


Chris Brentano says, “So what do you do when you’re designing an album cover and your inspiration is electronics? You design and build a 750 LED sign of the album’s title of course! In designing the cover art for Logistics’ debut album “Now More Than Ever”, Ricky wired up this sign from scratch, with help from his grandfather, and creating a font in the process, which became the album cover. Very cool! Scroll down the page to see the finished result.” There really is no permalink to the article, but it’s worth it to scroll down to August 3rd entry called “Quarter”. Link.

14 thoughts on “DIY LED Typography

  1. It is cool, but since it’s only used in a still photoshoot, it could have been done much more easily and cheaply with CG. The way it’s used, the subtleties you get by using an actual object are erased, anyway.

    Maybe it’s going to be used for more than just the album cover, like in videos or something.

  2. Yeah, the LED’s were cool. But why not just punch holes in a piece of board, and light it from behind with colored lights? Much quicker and cheaper!

  3. Looking at the album cover I would think it was done with CG. This is definately a very hard way to get a simple result.

  4. All I have to say is lightbright… How am I the first person to come out with it… you guys are way ahead of me on so many levels…

    Maybe it’s because my 5 year old daughter has to beat her little brother off to keep from hiding the pegs in his diaper.

    ah well.

    still very cool though.

  5. Instead of puching holes or using lightbrights, i coulda done it for them in photoshop using that same led font found on free font sites in about oh… about 3 min?

    Of course that’s not as much fun and relaxing as assembling 750 leds together. :P

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