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PSP Lunchbox


A soft and friendly psp lunchbox mod action.

Now I was a little worried about my PSP and game bouncing around inside my new ironic metal lunch box so I went and got a large padded shipping envelope and cut it down by tracing the sides into one big insert. I made a single piece in the shape of a cross and taped it all up with some white duct tape. I taped it to the tin first and made a nice and tight fit. My PSP and games in Minidisc cases fit just with some headphones about right without much bouncing around.Link

2 thoughts on “PSP Lunchbox

  1. The Play Station Pro is a great device, but can be full of challenges. I never started with anything like this until my grandson showed me his during a visit. I still can’t run my fingers as fast as he does and what a great coordination exercise. Of course, it doesn’t take the place of “real” exercise, but it does with the brain. People need a balance but us seniors … this helps the brain activity. I think every “senior” should have one of these. PS.. that goes for a Wii too!(

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