Make your own musical instruments


Tim Escobedo says, “Simple AND playable DIY musical instruments in PVC, plastic and anything else that’s cheap.” Pictured here on the left is the $12 Uke and at right is the Plastic Fantastic Sax. Link.

12 thoughts on “Make your own musical instruments

  1. Basically, you should NEVER link to a geocities page.

    If you think it’s cool enough to send thousands of hits there, rehost it. You’re doing neither your subscribers (like me) nor the content creator any favors by /.-ing their site.

    (Or maybe that guy is excitedly stroking himself at the idea of how many people took an interest in his stuff. The internet is weird that way…)

  2. I know this always happens with geocities! But his site is great and he emailed us about the submission to post. Give it a few hours or check back tomorrow.


  3. Alright, it’s back up. Musta bought more bandwidth.

    I’ll shut up now and silently repeat the “first rule of holes” as my mantra.

  4. Tim Escobedo doesn’t need more attention, he’s actually one of the more respected and talented guitar effects designer on the diy community, the circuit snippets on his webpage have been one of the greatest source of inpiration in the last years for everyone in the diy guitar stompboxes community.

  5. Anybody have a mirror of this that works? I’ve tried Google cache, Coral cache, Wayback Machine, and Cachout – non of them have a mirror with pictures.

    Any ideas?



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