Set up a hydroponic herb garden


J says, “Build a basic hydroponic herb garden in under an hour that will supply fresh herbs year round.Link.

12 thoughts on “Set up a hydroponic herb garden

  1. I’d like to build one of these, but I don’t want a SWAT team raiding my house because the police illegally overflew my neighborhood with a thermal camera-equipped helicopter.

  2. Well, since I’ll be growing peppermint and basil and not anything illegal or offensive smelling, I’m actually looking forward to the smells.

    And, most of the SWAT raids led to by thermal cameras are for houses growing TONS (literally) of plants and have multiple kilowatt light setups.

  3. You do not own the airspace over your home, and any heat let out by a ventilation system is by law viewable from the public domain and as such no warrant is needed for it to be admitted as evidence or to be the basis of a more thorough search warrant. Thermal fly-overs are no more illegal than noticing that your neighbor is taking out his trash.

  4. Growing herbs can really be very beneficial especially if you could use a system that is less expensive yet very effective. This system would really work well indoors so worrying about the smell of the herbs shouldn’t be much of a problem :)

  5. Wow, this one is really looking one of the fabulous project of setting a best of Hydroponic garden. Well, my friend, I am really incredibly impressed by this post. And this post really gives me the better option for getting effective hydroponic gardening.

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