Standup mobile desk and cat bunk bed on wheels

Stand Up Rolling Cat Desk.1

Merle says, “I like getting things done standing up and moving around. So, I repurposed the rolling cat house. When Fezzle saw me making changes, he jumped in to make sure I wouldn’t remove his basket. He saw me eyeing that space. So, I can truely say that he helped design this desk. Now he can go to sleep knowing he’ll be with me when he wakes – – where ever the desk may be.Link.

4 thoughts on “Standup mobile desk and cat bunk bed on wheels

  1. The LRF (“litte rubber feet”) on the inverted wire inbox are surprisingly sticky. I don’t think he (Fezzle) could push the laptop off even if he were motivated – – which has never been a concern. The wire inbox is connected to the wire top shelf with cable ties, so that’s not going anywhere.

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