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DIY street legal luge + awesome helmet = RAD

Back in the late seventies, I was a skateboarder. I would find the biggest hill I could and bomb down that thing as fast as I could. I didn’t do tricks or flips. I was a gravity junky. 10 years and some common sense later, I wasn’t skateboarding anymore but I saw this street luge on TV andthought it was awsome. The main drawback is that it was missing something that I cherished after a few scary accidents, mainly brakes. I put the idea aside for a possible future maybe project…

…until 3 years ago. I don’t remember if it came to me while on the can or in the shower but I was thinking to myself that if I built a street luge, not only should it have brakes, but it should be street legal to avoid any hassles from the law. Street luges are considered as skateboards here and a skateboard is illegal on public roads. But not bikes,hmmmmmmmm.Link

6 thoughts on “Homebuilt Street Legal Luge with Brakes

  1. Dig the helmet!

    I’d *really* want to take steps to avoid any possibility of getting your heels caught on the road. Twisting a leg back is a common injury on things like this and on badly designed recumbent bicycles. And it’s damn painful.

  2. would some plastic skids on the back of your heels work to prevent the shoe from catching? just a 2″ ABS strip bent from the bottom of your heel to the back of your shoe would give pretty good lubrication against asphalt.

    i had a pair of wrist guards that had exposed ABS right on the palm, so if you fell over rollerblading your hands would slide right out in front of you and you’d end up with a bloody nose. but slick is what you want here.

  3. I know that the common method of stopping is with your feet, but I’m thinking two pieces of 3″ wide hinged metal attached to the front of the luge would be better. Spring tension them so they are not constantly dragging on the ground. Kinda like two gas pedals. This would lessen your chances of hooking your heel and breaking your ankles.

    And don’t forget to make them out of titanium if you want to throw some awesome white sparks. :)

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