Revive Old CDs!


These days, I pretty much just play a cd once to burn it into my computer, but I do have a whole collection of The Smith’s compact discs that I played endlessly through the 80’s and 90’s that could use a refreshing. The cool thing about cds is that the music is not on the plastic, the laser looks through the plastic to the shiny bits!

Take some of the brasso and pour it onto the CD. Please be careful with the Brasso, and only perform this in a well ventilated area. I was making this guide at at the office, and forgot about the fumes. I had to polish the CD in the stairwell as I would have fumed out my co-workers otherwise.Link

12 thoughts on “Revive Old CDs!

  1. The music is in the plastic not in the metal. the metal just acts as a reflecter to bounce the lazer back to the eye of the cd player.

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