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MAKE Flickr photo pool member Method8 posted up an enhanced “FigRig” (a small DV camera stabilizer made from PVC) – “I used shygantic’s model and measurements to build mine. I included some enhancements so as to be able to use the camera’s remote control on the figrig. I used black PlastiK spray (like the one used for plastic car bumpers) and did two stickers on the sides at a Car Graphics Shop to give it a pro look. More comments with the other pics… “ [via] – Link.


  • DIY “Fig Rig” – DV Camera stabilizer made from PVC – Link.
  • Manfrotto’s Fig Rig (commercial version) – Link.
  • $14 Video Camera Stabilizer. You don’t have $10,000 to spend on a Steadicam? Make this ultra-low-cost video camera stabilizer and see how much better your video shots turn out. MAKE 01 – Page 84.