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Recently, we announced our partnership with Federated Media (FM) to serve ads on We selected FM because we liked the way they connected independent weblog authors and publishers with marketers and advertisers looking to reach their specific audiences…They’re currently conducting a survey of Makers and we’d love it if you would take a couple of minutes to help them (and us) figure out what types advertisers makes the most sense on MAKE and who is reading the site. (Thanks folks! The survey is complete, so we’ve removed the link here. We really appreciate your help with it!)

10 thoughts on “Please take the quick MAKEZine survey

  1. stripmindmedia – that’s fine too, you can post that here in the comments or in the comment section of the survey.

    i use ad block and some greasemonkey scripts with firefox. for sites i like/use and that have surgical-laser-focused ads i unblock those site, usually i find something i’m looking for or interested in.

  2. How to keep hammerthumb from blocking your website’s advertisements:

    No Javascript. No Flash. Gif animations are okay as long as they don’t blink/flash. Ads must originate from website domain ( Ads must be positioned in a way that does not interfere with the text.

    Ads must be topical and informative. I would be interested in knowing about new and used hand and power tools (don’t forget sewing supplies), new and surplus electronics, new and surplus hardware, hardwood and plastics suppliers, and alternative fuel related services and products. I would be interested in learning about products or services related to this blog’s “Categories” list (LEGO, ipod and so on.) Ads for electronic gadgets or toys that are maker friendly would attract my attention.

    Don’t forget architectural, engineering, machine shops and other services that a maker might use. I would also be interested in learning about reasonably priced (not $3000 a seat) software that might be useful in the making process. I’d be interested to learn about products from all those little companies started by MIT and Caltech students and professors you read about and never hear from again.

    Since every form of media is already saturated with them, no ads for new automobiles (unless they have some feature that would suit the Maker demographic), 3D shoot-em-up videogames or soda. Same for generic advertisements from major retail chains or brands.

  3. I was turned off by what I fell was the narrow-minded demographic view that Federated Media must have of your readers, or I must really be out of my league having a subscription to Make.
    I started to fill out the survey and then I stopped when I couldn’t list the industry that I work in (manufacturing – food related.) And I’m not a CEO, manager or even other professional. I consider myself just a plain old working stiff.

  4. A SILLY survey.. I am just about offended by the choices for what industry I work in. Options service, military automotive, or tech. We make nothing else!?


  5. I understand that a magazine make’s it’s income based upon advertising, but just a warning to the powers that be… your website is quickly approaching “clutter” status and becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. I count approx 18 ads just on this comment page alone. Remember there should be a balance between content and ads. I applaud you on keeping the actual print magazine somewhat limited to ads, but I see that also is starting to increase.

  6. LucM – we sent FM this feedback, they’re going to update the survey over time, so next round will have more options/listings.

    cyenobite – our magazine is mostly supported by subscribers – and i think compared to other sites as popular as MAKE there’s not a lot of ads. most of our ads are for MAKE / CRAFT with just a few for other (robotics, hacks series and the yahoo side bar).

    we need to sell mags to keep makezine going and we need to sell ads on the site to pay folks to make the site and the magazine great… all that said, i don’t like clutter either, and worse, ads that don’t work – so we’ll always try and balance it. thanks for the comment(s).

  7. Thanks PT for the response. Please know that this is the best zine/site going and I only offered my comments as “constructive criticism”. I just signed up for my subscription to CRAFT so the ad’s must be working :)

  8. cyenobite – no worries! if we can everyone in the world to subscribe to MAKE and CRAFT we can do everything ad-free :)

    thanks for getting CRAFT!@@!

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