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MAKE pal Robert writes – “We just had our third Make:Philly meeting last night and I gave a presentation on: “Make Your Own Robots: Integrating and Controlling Popular Electronics and Robotics kits with Adobe Flash”

I showed off BlueMelons BlueSense Kit, MakingThings Telo kit- talked about the new Make Kit and Vex, demonstrated a LEGO Mindstorms NXT how to program it (and how to hack the flash files in the Labview UI). Talked about several other robot kits, etc. and how to tie them all in with Flash of course. :)

The only one I forgot about, and couldn’t get in time was an arduino board – they look pretty cool – will have to include that for version 2.0 of the preso. :)

I’ve also uploaded about 136mb of images/videos from the Makers Challenge event last night – building a boat that can traverse a certain distance of water in the fasest fashion – my team won. :) I sent the photos/videos to Harris who organizes and runs the Make:Philly site/group. I’m sure he will get them up ASAP.”Link.

MAKE: Philly – Link.