What’s inside an iPod game?

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Apple (finally) has games for the iPod – but not a SDK or developer program (yet). Usually I run iPod Linux if I’m jonezing for that type of action on a music player (also see Rockbox), but like always I like to poke around and see what’s inside things, like the new IPG files (iPod games), last night I guessed that it was likely a ZIP file with stuff in it, but didn’t have time to explore much – luckily Ben did, here’s what he found… – “The .IPG file is actually just a ZIP archive. The archive contains many files, including AAC and WAV audio, XML, executables, language files, and more. I just started looking things over, but here are some of the interesting things I’ve found so far.”Link.

It would neat if the iPod supported the Flash player or Processing, but who knows – maybe if there’s demand for portable mini-apps, games, etc. Apple will get on that, they eerily smart and if it will sell more iPod, they’ll do it. Perhaps iPod “Widgets”….


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  1. i bought mini golf and disected it. i looked in the itunes folder and a copy was in there. i looked in my ipod_control folder after i put the game on it and it had 3 new folders in it:


    Games_RO is where all the games are stored at. mini golf is in a sub-folder called 88888. this means that every game has their own sub-folder to extract its contents in. since [hopefully everyone knows this] ipod games are also zip files, itunes extracts it to this folder. ive only been fooling around with this today so far and i edited tetris by just opening the .ipg file w/ winrar then extracted it myself to a folder i made called 55555 on my ipod. i launched tetris and it booted up past the start-up screen and then showed that it had a “problem” such as “you did not buy this game you fool!!!” but i should be able to get past this. atleast ill try.

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