How Many Cans?  How Much Money?

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Volume, value, and a vw.

Could it be true? Could collecting cans in a shopping cart generate a significant income? How many cans could one of those carts hold? And what would those cans be worth at the recycling center? On Saturday morning, we decided to find out.Link

12 thoughts on “How Many Cans? How Much Money?

  1. Oh, the horror! Think of all the projects that could have been made from all those cans, had they built a foundry and melted them down.

    …Or simply made them into something Etsy-able – they coulda made ten times as much! At least!

  2. It seems like a waste to crush them. In michigan you can get 10cents per uncrushed can, so a basketfull for twenty-some dollars is sad.

  3. Indeed Mr Cprek. However, their 853 uncrushed cans, at 10 c a pop would be $85.30 at the Michigan rate.

    Whatever the mode of transportation would be, a round trip from California to Michigan is bound to cost a lot more than the promised $85.3.

    It’s the transportation that get you. Unless you can pair with Newmann, it’s hard to pull off.

  4. Just an FYI, we also measured the volume of 13-gallon “outboard” garbage bags the homeless use. They hold 256 crushed cans each. Thanks for the link!

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