Turning war artifacts into guitars


Spluch says, “Cesar Lopez, a Colombian musician, created these guitars known as Escopetarras with the help of musical instrument craftsman, Luis Alberto. It was initially made out of Winchester rifles but is now made from AK47. Lopez got the inspiration for this invention when he noticed the similarities between his guitar and a soldier’s rifle while standing outside a bombed Bogot club.Link.

8 thoughts on “Turning war artifacts into guitars

  1. is that a fender?

    no, kalishnikov!

    seriously though, this is probably the only guitar that is illegal in california if it has more than ten strings and you can hit more than one string at a time

  2. Do I have to wait 15 days to get one?

    I imagine the recoil would throw off the tune after every shot. Not to mention you’d constantly be burning yourself when grabbing the neck. :)

    Remember: Guns don’t kill people, guitars kill people.

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