Kids safety labels we want to see…

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There’s an open letter published in the Daily Telegraph calling on the government to help prevent the “death of childhood” – basically, video games and consumer electronics are killing imaginations… maybe, but why wait for the gov – we’re all about solutions here at MAKE, we’re proposing that these handy safety labels be applied to all packaging, enjoy.


  • Modern life leads to more depression among children – Link.
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  • MAKE 07 “Kids safety labels we want to see” – Link.
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12 thoughts on “Kids safety labels we want to see…

  1. This looks like a good homework project for project mayhem! Print them up, sneak them into toy store, and put them on the boxes.

    The first rule of project mayhem is you do not ask questions about poject mayhem!

  2. And the one about “Strict gender stereotyping”…

    “The packaging and promotion of this toy are aimed very carefully at children of only one gender, sending out a message that it is inappropriate for children of the other gender to interact with this product or anything like it. Do you want your son to believe he should never pick up a baby? Do you want your daughter to believe that she cannot be an engineer? Your child’s adult life could be severely limited by their learning these messages of exclusion.”

  3. TV/Video games don’t hamper imagination, (unless its the latest final fantasy) good parenting is the solution, not regulation, bad parenting and nanny states so that parents can leave their children unattented is where the issues are.

    Next generation will be saying the WWW is the new evil pastime, i’m sure at some point my parents wanted me to put away the meccano and go outside.

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