HOW TO – Mouse taxidermy

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to stuff a mouse, spend some of your Saturday checking this out – Link.


  • From rebuilt roadkill, works of art emerge – Link.
  • Crochet Taxidermy Art – Link.

20 thoughts on “HOW TO – Mouse taxidermy

  1. Well, since I’ve been “hunting” mice for the past few weeks(they always raid our house around this time of year), I might just take them up on this. I can see me now, bragging about my “trophies” up on the mantle. I guess I gotta build a mantle first though but I’ll have the mice at least.

  2. I read the whole instructable, and I have to say that several times throughout the article, I found my self uttering expletives and stating to my sister-in law at the computer next to me that “…no seriously, THIS is the creepiest thing I’ve seen today, WAY worse than the last one…”

    Someone give me this person’s mailing address, and I’ll buy this young lady a normal babydoll and we can all pretend this never happened.

    I’m not sayin’ this person lacks any skill or anything. The article was extraordinarily well detailed and thorough, and the end result was a quality example of taxidermy. Much more lifelike than some of the things I’ve seen in museums before. I’m just saying that it creeped me out, and I will not be sleeping tonight for fear of the field mice under my shed coming to get me in the night for the atrocities I’ve witnessed against their kind.

    Here are some choice quotes, for those of you who have chosen not to click the link…

    “Lots of small, slow, and careful cuts will release the eyelids quite easily.”

    “It’s very easy to accidentally insert the tail wire through the rectum, but you’ll know immediately if you’ve got the wrong hole.”

    “If you want to make costumes for your mice, you should probably do this BEFORE they’re all dry and crunchy…”

    “Remember making dioramas in elementary school? Well… they’re waaaay better with mice.”

    “They make great wedding cake-toppers as well, if you’ve got friends with the right sense of humor.”


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