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B0j3 posted up a nice protoboard in the MAKE Instructables group – “Since I have a lot of ideas about different usages of microcontrollers it always happens I have to build basic microcontroller setup (microcontroller with oscilator). Finaly I decided to make a small (or should I say mini) protoboard for PIC 12f675 (which I wanted to use for a small project).”Link.

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8 thoughts on “PIC Prototyping board…

  1. Nice idea, but since it’s for prototyping, I can see no reason you’d use the 12F675 here. A larger chip with more I/O makes more sense.

    The 12f675 has an internal 4 MHz RC oscillator. The only time you would need an external crystal oscilator is when the 1% precsion on the internal RC isn’t good enough. Considering the chip only has 6 I/O lines, this would leave you with 4 of which only 3 work as outputs.

  2. I always wonder why more people dont do this…

    I did the same thing with a at90s2313 which has no internal oscillator. The main reason though is because it was a SOIC part..

  3. And what’s the point of using a board when you’re just plugging it into a breadboard, why not plug the microcontroller directly into the breadboard? That’s what I do.

    The only reason I would understand were if the microcontroller were only available in surface mount packages, but most (all?) PICs and many other microcontrollers are available in DIP packages.

  4. Heh. Now that you mention it, I’m starting to believe I agree with you, Cheesy. I think a better idea would be a mini pcb for the crystal and caps that fits into a solderless breadboard…

    Still, you would need a pretty good reason to forgo the internal oscillator, which can be set from a few Khz to 8 Mhz. Using a third of your I/O pins for an external clock limits things a bit.

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