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Electric Jeep Cherokee

C Connors writes – “Nick Viera converted his old Jeep to ev during his junior year in high school. According to Nick, he got 17-20 miles per gallon before converting to electric. 13 cents a mile for gas powered, 4 cents a mile for electric powered. No more emissions, no outrageous complexity, no noise in the ev. There are a lot of jeep Cherokees on the road… His is an extensive site with lots of photos and good text explaining what he did and why.”Link.


  • Light Electric Vehicle – Link.
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  • Mobilty scooter to light electric vehicle mod – Link.
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8 thoughts on “Electric Jeep Cherokee

  1. badsey says:

    You blow me away Nick. It’s only a matter of time before the serious off-roaders go electric also. Sure there is the high-amp low rpm electric motor effect, but electric motors are the future.

    Interesting stuff that is useful. Add so solar cells and you have the perfect collegiate car = sits in the lot most of the time charging-up and ready for the weekend or errand. Low overall costs unlike a gasoline engine that needs constant maintenance and driving to keep operating properly.

  2. Leolo says:

    No more emissions? How is electricity generated, once again?

  3. Fredex says:

    Leolo, that’s called an inconvenient truth.

  4. yo_tyler says:

    Well in my case, here In BC, our power is (almost) all hydro, and cheep, which makes it prime for EVs, aswell as pollution free.

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