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Electric Jeep Cherokee

C Connors writes – “Nick Viera converted his old Jeep to ev during his junior year in high school. According to Nick, he got 17-20 miles per gallon before converting to electric. 13 cents a mile for gas powered, 4 cents a mile for electric powered. No more emissions, no outrageous complexity, no noise in the ev. There are a lot of jeep Cherokees on the road… His is an extensive site with lots of photos and good text explaining what he did and why.”Link.


  • Light Electric Vehicle – Link.
  • Adriondack chair electric vehicle – Link.
  • Mobilty scooter to light electric vehicle mod – Link.
  • The Open Source Car: a Design Brief – Link.
  • Electric Avenue – Link.

8 thoughts on “Electric Jeep Cherokee

  1. You blow me away Nick. It’s only a matter of time before the serious off-roaders go electric also. Sure there is the high-amp low rpm electric motor effect, but electric motors are the future.

    Interesting stuff that is useful. Add so solar cells and you have the perfect collegiate car = sits in the lot most of the time charging-up and ready for the weekend or errand. Low overall costs unlike a gasoline engine that needs constant maintenance and driving to keep operating properly.

  2. Well in my case, here In BC, our power is (almost) all hydro, and cheep, which makes it prime for EVs, aswell as pollution free.

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