Liquid ABS plastic

Bf5man writes – “A useful trick to repair or to do a mockup of a plastic part, is to disolve ABS shavings in acetone, it forms a glue that can be used to repair plastic stuff, or if thicker, can be used to mold things. Here’s an exemple of what can be accomplished with this method.”Link.

8 thoughts on “Liquid ABS plastic

  1. this should be extrapolated!

    1. Add this solution to a hopper.
    2. Pressurize said hopper.
    3. Add a nozzle to said hopper. (feed mech)
    4. Method to add more pressure to said hopper
    5. Take the Draw bot that was recently posted.
    6. Add a Z mechanism to the table.

    Open source Rapid Prototyping.
    Size of the nozzle would control the size of the drop. The software could be adjusted to match.

    Might be crude at first… but what the hell!


    Christopher D. Lund

  2. this works for almost every type of plastic (except the stuff nail poilish remover comes in, that type obviously doesn’t dissolve.)

    just take scraps of whatever you need glued and dissolve. its a perfect glue!

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