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LEGO ice cube trays!

Wow, check out these dishwasher safe, silicone, 10 brick LEGO ice cube trays, $7.99. Someone is totally going to make a crazy huge LEGO ice sculpture with these, and we’ll dutifully post it here!… [via] – Link.

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20 thoughts on “LEGO ice cube trays!

  1. It seems to me that these would be Spiffy, and cute, but unless there’s the proper holes in the “bottom”, the blocks won’t click together.

  2. These seem like they wouldn’t be that hard to make with some silcone from smooth-on or some other mold making supplier. Why stop at 4×2 bricks?

  3. Here’s an idea. Assuming they are the same dimensions as real blocks, while you’re making your blocks, take a real lego set and make a mold the same depth as the ice blocks. Cool the mold with the ice-blocks. When they’re ready, place each ice-block in the mold and use a warm block or flat piece (bigger than the ice-block so it self-aligns with the mold) to “stamp” the holes into the ice.


  4. Seriously folks.. as if building a structure with small blocks wasn’t going to be painful enough you want to do it with real to-scale Lego ‘ice’ bricks? You really need to get out a bit more ya’ masochists…. jk.

  5. I have these at home, and they are not the same size as the regular real bricks. They’re larger, or at least I think, because it’s been a while since I’ve seen a real brick. Definitely larger. The dots on the tops are wider and lower, too.

    They do well in drinks though, very recognisable and geek cred through the roof.

  6. IIRC they also sell similar trays at ikea for slightly less.

    I’d question the feasability of them though, you would have to put another tray on top to create the concave sections on the bottom of the brick so they fit toghether.

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