HOW TO – Enable the iPodScreenSaver

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Ever wonder how the iPods at the Apple store play the video demos over and over? Easy, make a folder called “Demo Mode”, drop a movie called demo in it and you’re pretty much done. Handy for a mini kiosk… Thanks Asthmatic! – Link.


3 thoughts on “HOW TO – Enable the iPodScreenSaver

  1. This fails to mention that it also wipes out your customized settings on the iPod, I just lost all my menu settings and everything else is back to defaults.

    So, keep that in mind before you try it yourself.

    Nate MC

  2. Seems the linked website is down and the instructions on this website are very unclear.
    The instructions are as follows:
    1. Create a new folder named Demo Mode on the iPod.
    2. In iTunes, rename any video file as Demo.
    3. Don’t play anything and keep the iPod on a charger. In 2 minutes the video you renamed as Demo will automatically play and repeat.
    This only works on 5th generation Video iPods.
    The iPod must be charging and on pause or not playing.
    You must have enable disk use checked.
    You must have the most up to date firmware.

  3. As well as resetting your iPod settings, this feature also stops your iPod from being able to be turned off while on the dock.

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