HauntersHangout shows you how to use a cheap Santa figure as a scary Halloween hangman… – “You have had to have seen those dancing Santa’s at Walmart around Xmas. Well last year after Xmas I happened into Walmart the day after Xmas that they went down to 75% off. So, I bought the last 5. I also proved two things that day. One, I will buy anything if I think I can use it for a Halloween prop. Second 6 fat guys can just fit into my little Grand Am. (Five do have to be in boxes and the windows have to be down.)

I tore apart one of the Santa right away. for $15 if got lots of useful parts. 3motors, power supply, speaker cord, fake hands, a microphone, a animatronics head, a circuit board, and a few other switches and parts.” [via] – Link.

Here’s how to mod’em…

Using a wiper motor in your Halloween projects – Link.