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RE-sit  – recycled and reused car seats as chairs, armchairs and sofas in a living space

A MAKE reader writes in with these super slick recycled-remade car seats by designer Dionysios Skalos in Athens – “RE-sit .The idea is to recycle and reuse car seats as chairs,armchairs and sofas in a living space.All body frames are made of the same aluminium profile.These high quality seats are fitted with several motorized adjustments powered by rechargeable 12DC Volts batteries.In the case of the armchairs two as well used window wiper motors (left-right) provide smooth and manoeuvrable motion.A third electric window’s motor projects and retacts a rolling footrest.”Link.

8 thoughts on “RE-sit – recycled and reused car seats as chairs, armchairs and sofas in a living space

  1. When I was growing up, one of my teachers had a mini-van backseat in the classroom. It’d been taken out of it’s car for storage space on a trip, and the car ended up in flames. So they kept the seat as a chair. And I’m sure any Maker could hack up one of these chairs in a similar manner.

  2. I really like the concept of reusing car seats as furniture, since car seats are generally pretty well designed and I always prefer seeing something reused rather than landfilled, but the aluminum bars in this seem a bit out of place. They look fine and well on these blank black backgrounds, but how are they going to look in a real person’s living room? Outside of an ultra-modern home these are going to look totally out of place. Also I just plain don’t like the chromed end caps. Great concept, I just think the execution could be done with a little more finesse.

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