Two Scout trebuchets

Peter over @ the Ropes and Poles blog has a couple nice trebuchets with build photos and links to how they’re made, he writes – “The first is built by 9th Irene Scout troop from Pretoria. This trebuchet has a throwing arm around 10m long, and a counterweight (made from barrels filled with water) of about 50kg. It throws projectiles 60m and was built at Cornwall Hill College’s Carnival…The second trebuchet is from Montevideo in Uruguay. The 45th Scout Group ‘Juan de Cordoba’ won the ‘Bauen’ pioneering competition with this 3m trebuchet that throws a basketball 120m (that’s more than the length of a football field).” [via] – Link.

Super-duper trebuchet links for all your projectile needs:

  • Make a desktop trebuchet – Link.
  • Trebuchet reloaded – Link.
  • Download and build a free card trebuchet – Link.
  • Tiny HCW Desktop Trebuchet plans – Link.
  • Ripcords tennis ball trebuchet – Link.
  • Altoid catapult – Link.
  • How to Build a Catapult – Link.
  • Human Catapult – Link.
  • Also check out Backyard Ballistics by MAKE’s William GurstelleLink.

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