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Wow, these are pretty good projects for Halloween get togethers from Modern Mechanix 1934, the “moo cans” (2nd page) and the exploding trash can are my faves… – Link.

4 thoughts on “THRILLS and CHILLS for Your HALLOWE’EN party

  1. see where it says “harmless gas forms in can”?

    well when you mix calcium carbide and water you get a ridiculously strong reaction, and the byproduct is methane gas, which is what is being ignited in the trash can.

    yeah… methane isn’t harmless.

    this reminds me of ‘the golden book of chemistry experments’ which congress pulled off the shelves of every library in the country.

  2. i believe your chemistry is incorrect.

    the reaction isn’t ridiculously strong
    though it is exothermic. a gas wouldn’t
    be a byproduct but would be the major
    product for this reaction.

    calcium carbide and water produces acetylene.
    it was safely used for illumination in
    pre-electric automobile headlights and in
    miners hard hat lamps.

    it was used safely because it was generated
    in a small amount and used as it was

    generating a can full of acetylene/air
    that would blow the lid off and be heard
    for blocks is something different. the
    drawing is great too, sending a metal
    can lid flying high into the air
    seemingly close to a window.

    old folks had more fun in their youth
    then is allowed for youth now.

    for some tamer fun notice the tipping
    stairs waiting for some kid in a
    cumbersome sight-limited costume to do
    a face plant into the squawking stairs.
    today we could videotape such fun.

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