Jonathan Schwartz @ has an article that will be making the rounds quite a bit regarding unencrypted information on some of the new credit cards. I fully expect our Makers to make a text to speech version that screams out names as people walk by –

“They call it the “Johnny Carson attack,” for his comic pose as a psychic divining the contents of an envelope. Tom Heydt-Benjamin tapped an envelope against a black plastic box connected to his computer. Within moments, the screen showed a garbled string of characters that included this: fu/kevine, along with some numbers. Heydt-Benjamin then ripped open the envelope. Inside was a credit card, fresh from the issuing bank. The card bore the name of Kevin E. Fu, a computer science professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, who was standing nearby. The card number and expiration date matched those numbers on the screen. “ Thanks Sdwarf! – Link.


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