Alphatronics Electronic Supply


Last Saturday, when I needed to buy a bunch of electronic parts for a project that I had to have for Monday, I went to Alphatronics in Tukwila. The electronics supply store is a stone’s throw from Seattle and they had everything I needed. Chuck, my helpful salesperson dragged me around the store showing me where things are. I was tempted by kits and random parts and the case of used equipment. When I mentioned that I was going to be upgrading my soldering iron, Chuck pulled a couple of his own older soldering irons out of the back room and sold me one right on the spot at a very reasonable price.

Now, if you need things cheap and can be patient, you’re better off getting the mouser or digikey catalogs, but sometimes I just need to browse parts and chat with someone who can explain linear potentiometers and that’s the beauty of alphatronics.

If anyone can find a website, let me know and I’ll gladly link to it. Otherwise you’ll just have to go to 1073 Andover Park in Tukwila and check them out for yourself. If you the lowdown on any other cool places to get materials in Seattle, send me an email at or drop me a note in the comments. Where do you get your materials?