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Kiku Laptop

Kiku Laptop2-1

Here’s a tutorial from Laurie Freivogel of Kiku on how to design your own laptop decals!

Laurie says, “Here is a project I did when I got my shiny new laptop, which is exactly like my husband’s. I couldn’t have twin laptops, so I personalized mine.” Here’s how I did it:


clear vinyl (1/4 yard will be enough for several laptops and should run about $3)

(I’ve also seen vinyl inkjet cling material that you can put through your printer)

ultra-fine point sharpie markers (12-pack of colors is about $10)

image of your choice, blown up to your computer’s proportions

x-acto knife or scissors


Make sure your image is not larger than your computer.

Lay the image under the clear vinyl, trace + color.

Cut around the image – if you put the entire sheet of vinyl down, you’ll have tons of bubbles. The bubbles don’t show as much behind the colored areas.

Place the image on your laptop and push out as many bubbles as possible.

The image is re-positionable and removable.