MAKE reader Cuthbert writes – “If you don’t like carrying two headsets with you (one for using Skype on your laptop and another for your cell phone) then here is a small adapter that will convert a cell phone headset with a 2.5mm jack plug to the 2x 3.5mm jack plugs used by PCs.”Link & cached.


  • DIY Skype VoIP Phone Adapter – Link.

24 thoughts on “HOW TO – Skype headset adapter (2.5mm to 3.5mm jack, mobile phone to PC adapter)

  1. What I need is the other way around. I would like to use a PC headset – the ones with the two 3.5mm (1/8 in) connectors, for mic and headphones, on a cell phone with a 2.5mm mono jack. For the phone use, I am not picky on getting both headsets powered – mono/ single will do fine.

    That way, when I am traveling (which is every week) I can listen to music from the laptop in stereo, and issue voice commands to the computer, as well as use the same headset to talk to my cell phone. I do not want to carry 2 headsets, nor am I thrilled with using a mono headset to attempt to listen to music.

    Often I end up in a “consultant’s bullpen” – a converted conference room with a number of other consultants all working / talking. The headphones help tone down the background confusion.

    I have a bluetooth phone headset – which I use when not at the laptop, but I don’t want to pull one off and put the other on, when the phone rings – just swap plugs.

    AND I can’t use Skype – few client sites have the ports open on their firewall to allow IM, much less Skype conversations.

    Extensive googling has yielded no results…..

  2. BTW: it is not as simple as a pure size change – there are pin out rewires required, and the PC Headset has a +5V bias on the center ring of the mic connector – something that is not available on the 2.5mm phone connection (nor does it seem to be needed?).

    SO, for those folks that say just get a stereo to mono adapter – it does not change which wire goes to where, so it does not work – sorry.

  3. Any way to do the opposite? Take one of those much more comfortable headphone/microphone units used for Skype and make an adapter? (i.e. 3.5mm female microphone and 3.5mm female headphone connectors to a combined 2.5mm male three-ring adapter)?

    How would that be wired out? Is that sold commercially?

  4. I have the opposite need: I’d like to use existing 3.5mm stuff for 2.5mm phones. I found a couple of things:
    3. search for “PPCPADPT12”

    I just bought the last one, hopefully it’ll work, but I have to wait till it gets here.

  5. It’s hard to find, but works like a charm on standard PC headsets. The volume level is very good and it’s a good way to use a standard PC Headset on a phone (cordless or wireless) that uses a 2.5 mm jack.

  6. It finally arrived and it works great. Nice to be able to use my PC headset on my mobile or wireless phones (anything that uses a 2.5 mm port). The volume is great and the adapter is relatively small.

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