HOW TO – Make an AVR-Based statistics thermometer

Lars writes – “I got tired of the poor memory functions of my thermometer so I built my own thermometer. I could see the maximum and minimum temperature on the thermometer I had but I wanted to know when those readings were recorded. So I needed the thermometer to have it’s own clock. In order to learn how to build a thermometer I had to learn about embedded systems. So I read ISBN 0-333-92994-2 or as it’s called An Introduction to the Design of Small-scale Embedded Systems: With Examples From PIC, 80C51 And 68HC05/08 Microcontrollers. Then I chose my microcontroller (the processor) to be an AVR device. The reason for this choice was the fact that the embedded systems class at my university used AVR devices and the fact that the supplier of electronics components in Sweden (where I live) ELFA didn’t have any good development boards for PIC (The book focused on PIC) microcontrollers (abbreviated MCUs (stands for Micro Controller Unit)). This turned out to be a very good choice.”Link & cache.


  • AVR projects @ MAKE – Link.

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